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Component property changes not reflecting in UI

I have a list component and item component. The list component fetches data from a server and uses the item component to render each piece of data.
Am using firebase to push data changes from server to client.

This is the list component

.component('orderList', {
templateUrl: 'templates/orders/list.html',
controller: function($rootScope, $scope, $element, $attrs, loading, popup, toast, orders) {
var vm = this;

vm.orders = [];

vm.$onInit = function() {
then(function(data) {
vm.orders = data;

on('child_changed', function(snapshot) {
var order = vm.orders.filter(function(o) { return == snapshot.key })[0];
if(order) {
var index = vm.orders.indexOf(order);
_.merge(vm.orders[index], snapshot.val());

and the item component

.component('orderItem', {
templateUrl: 'templates/orders/item.html',
bindings: {
item: '<'
controller: function($rootScope, $scope, $element, $attrs) {
var vm = this;

The list component html

<order-item ng-repeat="order in $ctrl.orders" item="order"></order-item>

The item component html

<div class="item-image"><img src="img/drawer-header-bg.png"></div>
<div class="item-status">{{ $ctrl.item.status }}</div>

When the 'child_changed' event is triggered and the item data is merge with data from firebase, the view doesn't update.

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You're changing scope data inside an event which is outside of angular's context.

Like with any event ($scope.$on...etc;) you need to update the scope:

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