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Create a file if one doesn't exist - C

I want my program to open a file if it exists, or else create the file. I'm trying the following code but I'm getting a debug assertion at freopen.c. Would I be better off using fclose and then fopen immediately afterward?

FILE *fptr;
fptr = fopen("scores.dat", "rb+");
if(fptr == NULL) //if file does not exist, create it
freopen("scores.dat", "wb", fptr);

Answer Source

You typically have to do this in a single syscall, or else you will get a race condition.

This will open for reading and writing, creating the file if necessary.

FILE *fp = fopen("scores.dat", "ab+");

If you want to read it and then write a new version from scratch, then do it as two steps.

FILE *fp = fopen("scores.dat", "rb");
if (fp) {

// Later...

// truncates the file
FILE *fp = fopen("scores.dat", "wb");
if (!fp)
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