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JSON Question

How to send data from android app to server and deal with it?

Is there any way by which we can send notifications received on phone to server?

Just like push bullet.

I am developing an app as my college project to read notifications received on notification bar from a desktop chrome extension by using Rich notifications. I have implemented notification listener which already logs notifications text. I implemented GCM downstream and google plus login. I just need to know how I can send notification data to my chrome extension. I have setup google plus login implemented on both side. But I don't know how how make connection between it.

I know json too. I can understand and implement basic things in json. I have some knowledge of developing chrome extensions too.

Help me :(

Your help could save my life :(

i did searched a lot about it but didn't found anywhere to clear my doubt.

Answer Source

You can send notification data to chrome extension by sending upstream messages. To send messages upstream, your app or extension should call chrome.gcm.send. You can see the sample code here.

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