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Android Refresh activity when returns to it

I need a little help with refreshing one of my activities in my application. I'm using tab host activity and connecting to web service and downloading some data from one of my child activities. When I press sync button in my child activity I'm starting a new activity which is not in tab host and when the sync is done, it returns to it's parent (child activity). The thing that I want to achieve is to refresh the activity when I return back to it. As I checked over the internet I find that the best option to do it is using

,but I don't really understand how to use that and how to refresh the activity when I receive the result from the finished activity.

If anyone can help me, I'll be really glad.Thanks!


I'm using this code and it's not even showing the Log in

MyCollectionId.class :

Intent intent = new Intent(MyCollectionId.this, Synchronization.class);
intent.putExtra("process", 2);
startActivityForResult(intent, 1);

protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {
super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);
Intent refresh = new Intent(this, MyCollectionId.class);

Synchronization.class :

Intent intent = new Intent();

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Another tricky way to do this is just start your activity on onRestart()

public void onRestart(){
    Intent previewMessage = new Intent(StampiiStore.this, StampiiStore.class);
    TabGroupActivity parentActivity = (TabGroupActivity)getParent();
    parentActivity.startChildActivity("StampiiStore", previewMessage);

That should do the trick actually. (In this code I'm showing the way it's done when you are using a custom TabActivity manager.)

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