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Select GPU during execution in Theano

I am training neural nets with theano and lasagne on a 4 GPU machine. My

contains the following lines:

device = gpu0

So when in python I execute
import theano
, I get
Using gpu device 0: GRID K520

What if, after importing theano, I chose to use say gpu1? I'd like to do this dynamically, that is, without editing
is it possible? Or even to choose it at runtime?

Answer Source

I'm afraid it's not possible to change the execution device after Theano has been imported. From the documentation:


String value: either 'cpu', 'gpu', 'gpu0', 'gpu1', 'gpu2', or 'gpu3'


This flag’s value cannot be modified during the program execution.

Bonus: however, let's say you wanted to have two Python processes each running on a separate GPU (is that what you want?), then you could do something like:

import os
os.system("THEANO_FLAGS='device=gpu0' python myscript.py")
os.system("THEANO_FLAGS='device=gpu1' python myscript.py")

or hack into/extend Python's multiprocessing module (which works by spawning subprocesses) to ensure the flag is set before a child process is spawned.

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