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Java flight recorder programatically parsing

I'm trying to Parse JFR dump using JAVA.
I followed this blog, .
But these methods are deprecated now. Is there any supported parsers for JFR to JAVA? if not can you point me is it possible to retrieve data from JFR dump?

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As Klara mentioned, there is no officially supported parser. Hopefully the JFR parser will be supported officially in JDK 9. For now, you can use the APIs mentioned in Hirt's blog. Don't worry about those being deprecated. :)

I have successfully used JFR parser in my jfr-flame-graph project. Please note that my project uses Maven and the JFR parsers are not available in Maven Central (or any other repository). Therefore the "Step 1" in the README is important and it'll copy JFR parser jars to a local repository and you can use those jars as dependencies in your pom.xml

I hope this helps.

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