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How to clone repository with Composer without --prefer-source? (using Symfony 2)

Scenario: I am working with Symfony 2.2. In my list of required packages is also one of my github repositories, let's call it "TestLib".

I know that I can define the github url as additional repository in Symfony's composer.json to download "TestLib" via Composer from Github.

Problem: I cannot commit to "TestLib" repository as there is no local .git directory in the "TestLib" directory. I guess composer is fetching a zip from Github and not cloning it.

So my question is: is there a way to specifiy in Symfony's composer.json that Composer should clone TestLib?

Question 2: Maybe my workflow is wrong - so if you also have this scenario - how do you handle this?

Answer Source

Adding @dev to the package version clones the repository too.

  "require": {
    'package': '*@dev'

Also is possible setup source as preference in the composer.json

 "config": {
     "preferred-install": "source"
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