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Javascript Question

Confusion about scope and hoisting in Javascript

<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css"/>
<ul id="people-list"></ul>
<script src="app.js"/>


var people = ["alf","kay","jay","may"];
var list = document.getElementById("people-list");
for(var i =0; i< people.length; i++){
var person = people[i];
var element = document.createElement("li");
(function (){
var person = person;
element.innerText = person;
alert("You clicked on "+ person);

Why is the "person" variable created in the Global Scope not being referenced in the IIFE and therefore produces a list of undefineds but then a change in variable name from (example. var person to var person2 and subsequent change in the alert) in IIFE makes the code work correctly.


Due to hoisting var person = person is exactly equivalent to

var person;
person = person;

You can't refer to the person variable in the outer scope. It's completely overshadowed by the local variable, so you're assigning the undefined local variable to itself.