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Python Question

Excel not showing a row but python displaying it

I'm trying to read from an excel sheet in python:

>>> import xlrd
>>> book = xlrd.open_workbook("file.xlsx")
>>> sheet = book.sheet_by_index(0
... )
>>> value = worksheet.cell(1,1)
>>> print(value)
text:u'awx aaw('

But when I do the same for row 195, I get

>>> value = sheet.cell(195,1)
>>> print(value)

What does this mean? I can't even see anything "29" in the excel sheet. Row 195 is something else there. I even tried to unhide rows, but nothing happened. Please help, this is creating problems for the rest of program as well.

cco cco
Answer Source

That value indicates that the cell value is the error #NAME?.
See line 106 in xlrd/ for details.

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