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C++ Question

Get current cursor position

I want to get the current mouse position of the window, and assign it to 2 variables

(co-ordinates relative to the window, not to the screen as a whole).

I'm using Win32 and C++.

And a quick bonus question: how would you go about hiding the cursor/unhiding it?

Answer Source

You get the cursor position by calling GetCursorPos.

if (GetCursorPos(&p))
    //cursor position now in p.x and p.y

This returns the cursor position relative to screen coordinates. Call ScreenToClient to map to window coordinates.

if (ScreenToClient(hwnd, &p))
    //p.x and p.y are now relative to hwnd's client area

You hide and show the cursor with ShowCursor.

ShowCursor(FALSE);//hides the cursor
ShowCursor(TRUE);//shows it again

You must ensure that every call to hide the cursor is matched by one that shows it again.

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