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How can i totally disable tabbing on DataGridView but keep ability to select rows?

How can I totally disable tabbing on DataGridView so it won't go through cells at all?

I use DataGridView as music playlist in my application and I don't need that annoying windows default selection frame around cells. I want be able to select rows normally. I managed to hide selection border on buttons with SetStyle(ControlStyles.Selectable, false) but this does not disable tabbing on DataGridView.

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OK. I've managed to do that. This ARTICLE helped me a lot. I used form's OnActivated and OnDeactivated events to disable and enable TAB key. Here you have sample code:

protected override void OnActivated(EventArgs e) {

    ProcessModule objCurrentModule = Process.GetCurrentProcess().MainModule;
    objKeyboardProcess = new LowLevelKeyboardProc(captureKey);
    ptrHook = SetWindowsHookEx(13, objKeyboardProcess, GetModuleHandle(objCurrentModule.ModuleName), 0);


protected override void OnDeactivate(EventArgs e) {

    objKeyboardProcess = null;
    ptrHook = IntPtr.Zero;


There were a couple of problems that came up while i was trying to make it work but that's different story. Happy coding! :)

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