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How to use int pointer?

I have two integer pointers that hold the data for the (SDL) screens height and width in pixels. They're declared here:

int *w = nullptr;
int *h = nullptr;

Given values here:

int SDL_GetRendererOutputSize(SDL_Renderer* renderTarget, int *w, int *h);

And used here:

Dest.w = (*w / 2.0f - 58 / 2.0f, *h / 2.0f - 8 / 2.0f);
Dest.h = (*w / 2.0f - 58 / 2.0f, *h / 2.0f - 8 / 2.0f);
Dest.x = (*w / 2.0f - 58 / 2.0f, *h / 2.0f - 8 / 2.0f);
Dest.y = (*w / 2.0f - 58 / 2.0f, *h / 2.0f - 8 / 2.0f);

However *w and *h stay nullptrs. Why Is This?

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It's common practice in C (and to a certain extent C++) that if you are writing a function that returns multiple values, the caller has to supply a pointer to the variables which the outputs will be placed into.

So, you would call this function like this:

int w=0,h=0;

int result = SDL_GetRendererOutputSize(renderTarget, &w, &h);
if (result!=0) {
    // handle an error here

Note that w and h are normal integer variables. I am passing the address of these variables to SDL_GetRendererOutputSize (the & operator takes the address of it's argument); the function presumably sets the variables.

Don't forget to consult the return value of the function, which in this case is non zero if there was an error.