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iOS Question

iOS Cordova assets not loaded

I wrote some new views for my application, and they all show up properly on chrome and safari. However, when I run the app on simulator and open up the safari debugger, those views don't show up under

. I have confirmed that those files exist in the
folders in the Xcode project. I have run
rake prepare_ios
, but it does not fix the issue, do I need to add these new files to a directory somewhere?

Answer Source

After trying to access my application through mobile Safari, I encountered an error on the Safari inspector that I had hooked to my simulator. It told me that I could not use const since I was using strict mode. This error had not popped up previously, and only out of random luck (when i was closing the safari tab) did it even show up on the inspector. This led me to go and make changes to my files that were using const and the page loads now.

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