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Scala Question

Constructor use null value as parameter

Following is a simple

class definition, there are 2 constructors defined inside Person class.


// class that has field and method,
class Person(var name:String, var age:Short) {
def this() {
this("", 0);
def this(name:String) {
this(name, 0);
def hi() = printf("hi, I am %s!\n", name)

// var nobody = new Person();
var eric = new Person("Eric", 12);

The question is:

  • When
    field is not provided in constructor's argument list, I want to initialize it to null, not 0, what is the proper way to do that. Same requirement for the

Answer Source

So basically the scala class you wanted to create is

case class Person(name:String, age:Option[Short] = None) {
    def hi() = println(s"hi, I am $name.\nMy age is ${age.getOrElse("not provided")}.")

Which returns

scala> var eric = new Person("Eric", Some(12));
eric: Person = Person(Eric,Some(12))

scala> eric.hi
hi, I am Eric.
My age is 12.

scala> var eric = new Person("Eric");
eric: Person = Person(Eric,None)

scala> eric.hi
hi, I am Eric.
My age is not provided.
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