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AngularJS authorization, resolve promise before angular permissions, check for permission

Im using angular-permission library. I defined some of permissions in run():

.definePermission('isAuthorize', function () {
console.log('isAuthorize', OAuth.isAuthenticated());
return OAuth.isAuthenticated();

and then im checking users permissions in my routes.js

.state('app.main', {
abstract: true,
template: '<ui-view></ui-view>',
data: {
permissions: {
only: ['isAuthorize'],
redirectTo: {
default: 'login'

But i need to ask for profileData first on every refresh of the page, and permission-checking needs to run after i resolve promise. I've try to add resolve on parent State like this, but it still first asking for permisson for app.main and then promise is being resolved.

.state('app', {
abstract: true,
template: '<ui-view></ui-view>',
controller: function ($rootScope, userData) {
$rootScope.roles = userData.user.roles;
resolve: {
userData: ["ProfileFactory", function (ProfileFactory) {
return ProfileFactory

Answer Source

I have not used angular permissions module. But if you are using ui.router it's very easy to implement by your own. Here is an example from the doc's.


Sample use of onBefore hook

  .run(($transitions, $state, $injector) => {
      to: 'app.**'
    }, () => {
      const $window = $injector.get('$window');
      if (!$window.sessionStorage.getItem('user')) {
        return $state.target('login', $state.transition.params());
      return true

Without login as test@gmail.com and password 123 you can't go to the home page


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