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Datatables change language dynamically

I'm trying to change with jQuery language of a table with datatables. I'm trying to push a button to change the language of the table.

$('#prueba').live('click', function () {
var espanol = {
"sProcessing": "Procesando...",
"sLengthMenu": "Mostrar _MENU_ registros",
"sZeroRecords": "No se encontraron resultados",
"sInfo": "Mostrando desde _START_ hasta _END_ de _TOTAL_ registros",
"sInfoEmpty": "No existen registros",
"sInfoFiltered": "(filtrado de un total de _MAX_ líneas)",
"sInfoPostFix": "",
"sSearch": "Buscar:",
"sUrl": "",
"oPaginate": {
"sFirst": "Primero",
"sPrevious": "Anterior",
"sNext": "Siguiente",
"sLast": "Último"
tablacliente.fnSettings().oLanguage= espanol;

Answer Source

AFAIK, there is no built-in method or plug-in (currently) to switch the language dynamically. But what you can do is destroy the datatable and re-initialize it with the new language setting.

So, change your button's click handler to something like this:

    if (typeof tablacliente != 'undefined' && tablacliente != null)
        tablacliente.fnDestroy(); //important! you have to destroy first or you'll get an alert-error.
        tablacliente = null;
        tablacliente = $('#table_id').dataTable( {"oLanguage": espanol} ); //don't forget to include any other settings, if you have.

Here is a demo on jsFiddle.

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