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SBT test extremely slow on macOS Sierra

I seem to have a problem with performance of "sbt test" after upgrading to macOS Sierra. On a previous version of OS X it took about 40-50 seconds to finish. macOS Sierra times are much higher than that. Last run I did was around 15 minutes. Compile times are about the same as on 'El Capitan'.

I'm the only one from my team to try this new macOS so I can't tell if it's only happening on my mac or is it a universal issue.

My colleague had a similar issue on Ubuntu and it was related with random number generation slowing down the tests - Slow service response Times : Java SecureRandom & /dev/random

Unfortunately, that didn't work for me. Originally I tried that on JDK 8u54 and then tried updating to JDK 8u102 and that didn't help as well.

P.S. I'm running Macbook Pro Mid-2015 2.8GHz i7, 16GB ram, 1TB SSD.

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I had the same problem. Tomcat went from 15 seconds to 6 minutes to initialise spring context after the upgrade... disabling csrutils didn't solve the issue for me.

I solved the problem by adding my Mac hostname (i.e. Macbook.local, or whatever your Mac is called) on the /etc/hosts file mapped to the address as well as the ::1 like this:   localhost mbpro.local
::1         localhost mbpro.local

If you're interested you can find some details on the issue and solution here:

On the post I also link to a github project to help troubleshooting the issue and validating the solution.

The problem is related (I believe) on how the localhost name resolution works and how the class is retrieving the addresses. I verified with few colleagues and apparently it doesn't happen to everyone who upgraded to Sierra, but I'm still investigating the roots of this change.

The solution anyway was the same that antid0te implemented and worked immediately.

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