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Cannot see tables from my database in Android emulator

I did some research about showing the tables from my application database. all tutorials stated that this command "slite> .tables" will show them, but the response I always get is ".tables". I am using Android 2.2 virtual device. I can see my database: # sqlite3 data/data/my_package/databases/X.db. After this command I get:

SQLite version 3.6.22

Enter “.help” for instructions

Enter SQL statements terminated with a “;”

sqlite> .tables

The response is ".tables", instead of tables from the database. I know I am creating those tables,because in the application I can see that information.
I must be doing something wrong, just don't see what. Did someone got this error too and found a reasonable explanation?

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This should be an equivalent statement:

SELECT name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type='table' ORDER BY name;