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Git Question

Android Studio Path to Git executable

I'm developing on windows but have installed Bash for Windows (basically a Unix terminal for those who don't know about Windows 10 anniversary update). I installed git through this terminal (

sudo apt-get install git
) as opposed to downloading it as a Windows application from GitHub.

I'm now trying to integrate Git into Android Studio, and it's asking for a path to the Git executable. Because I didn't download it as a Windows application, there is no
, and instead I've tried to give the path
which is where the terminal tells me where Git is when I type
type git
. I didn't really expect this to work because it's not an .exe but I'm stuck on ideas from here.

How can I make this work without having to download Git for Windows? How do people who develop on Unix systems deal with this path as they don't have an executable file either?

Answer Source

You still have to download Git For Windows.

Try the portable edition: PortableGit-2.10.0-64-bit.7z.exe

It comes with a bash, but even without opening a bash, you sttill have (in a regular Windows CMD session) 200+ Linux commands in <yourGit2.10>\usr\bin.

And of course, it has a git.exe, which is what your Android Studio needs.

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