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PHP Question

I'm trying to retrieve from a database for a select box with cakePHP but the data isn't being retrieved properly

I am using cakephp 3.3
I have in the controller

$employee = TableRegistry::get('employees');
$allNames = $employee->find('list', array('employee_name' => array('employee_name') ) );
$allNames = $allNames->toArray();
$this->set('name', $allNames);

and in my template

<?= $this->Form->input('employee', array('type'=>'select','label' => false,
'options' => $name,'value'=>$name));?>

The only thing being retrieved and displayed is the number of entries i have in the database, $name only contains an array(1,2,3,4) when it should be actual people names.

Answer Source

Did you read the documentation about how find('list') works?'

$allNames = $employee->find('list', [
    'keyField' =>     'employee_name'
    'valueField' => 'employee_name'
$this->set('name', $allNames);

<?= $this->Form->input('employee', ['type'=>'select','label' => false,
    'options' => $name]);?>
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