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PHP Question

Get instance of child in parent class

Is there any way how to determine instance of child in parent class in PHP? Let's say we have this code:

class Parent {
public function InstanceOfChild() {
//What to put here to display "Child class is instance of ChildClass123"?

class ChildClass123 extends Parent {
//Some code here

What I need to do (if it's possible) is create method
which will tell me instance of child class, because a lot of classes can be child of my parent one, but I want to (let's say) log, which child call which methods. Thanks for help!

Answer Source

There is a function get_called_class() what you are exactly looking for.

class Parent1 {
    public static function whoAmI() {
        return get_called_class();

class Child1 extends Parent1 {}

print Child1::whoAmI(); // prints "Child1"
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