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Java Question

What's the different types of comments in IntelliJ IDEA?

I've started yesterday to use IntelliJ IDEA for java programming, before I was using Eclipse.

I've noticed that there are two types of comments that this software uses (excluding the classic

//comment here

  • /* comment here */
    and it will be displayed in grey

  • /** comment here */
    and it will be displayed in green

what is the difference between the two? when should I use one, when the other?

Answer Source

If you want to comment out multiple line you need to use the multi line comment.

If you want to provide proper documentation to your methods/variables you need to use documentation comments. Since there is a tool which comes with jdk, which will create a documentation for your classes.

* This method is used to ...
e.g  public void method()
//your logic

Also you can use it for variable too.

* This variable is used for ...
private static int s=99;
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