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Bash Question

Issue with node module timestampnotes "command not found"

I am attempting to use an npm module named timestamp notes.

I have run the following

$npm install timestampnotes


and I get

timestamp:126: command not found: slk

i then tried opening a node repl


>var timestamp = require('timestampnotes');


and I get basically the same thing, any ideas?

Answer Source

I came across a similar problem. If you are running with zsh on your terminal as opposed to bash, you need to set your 'Shells open with:' option in the Preferences>General to Command (complete path) and set the path to /bin/zsh terminal Command

The same needs to be done if you are running iTerm in place of your default Terminal. You can find this also in your Preferences>Profiles>General and again set Command to /bin/zsh iTerm Command

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