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AngularJS Question

Getting HTML markup in directive element parameter

In this plunk I have a directive that is declared with an UL element.

<li id="0">xxx 0</li>
<li id="1">xxx 1</li>
<li id="2">xxx 2</li>

I'm trying to retrieve these by analyzing the
parameter in the directive link function, but I only get them in the innerHTML. What I need is to get the id and text of the
elements as DOM. Any ideas?

angular.module('app', []);
angular.module('app').directive('directive', function() {
var directive = {};
directive.restrict = 'AE';
directive.scope = true; = function(scope, element, attrs) {
return directive;

Answer Source

Since you have element in directive you dont have to use querySelector,

you can directly do, = function(scope, element, attrs) {


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