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"String cannot be converted to Component" in JOptionPane

Keep getting a "String cannot be converted to Component" in the last JOptionPane
My apologies for the awful looking format. I know using switch is much easier, this is just an assignment for my Java class. Any and all suggestions welcomed. Thankyou

import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
import java.util.*;
import java.text.*;
import java.lang.String;

public class Project4A
public static void main(String[] args)
NumberFormat formatter = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance();
Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
double dcostBagel = 2.00; //Variables
double dcostDonut = 1.50;
double dcostCrois = 3.00;
double dcostLatte = 1.50;
double dcostCoffee = 1.25;
double dcostMilk = 1.00;
double dcostTea = 0.50;
double dfoodChoiceCost;
double dbevChoiceCost;
double dtotDue;
double dtotCost;
int ichoiceFood;
int ichoiceBev;
int inumOrdered;
String choiceFood;
String choiceBev;
String finChoiceFood;
String finChoiceBev;
choiceFood = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Welcome to BeBe's Best BreakfastnChoose a Breakfast Item:n1: Bagel @ "+formatter.format(dcostBagel) + "n2: Donut @ "+formatter.format(dcostDonut) + "n3: Croissant @ "+formatter.format(dcostCrois));
ichoiceFood = Integer.parseInt(choiceFood);
choiceBev = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Choose one of the following beverages:nEnter:n1: Latte @ "+formatter.format(dcostLatte)+"n2: Coffee @ "+formatter.format(dcostCoffee)+"n3: Milk @ "+formatter.format(dcostMilk)+"n4: Tea @ "+formatter.format(dcostTea));
ichoiceBev = Integer.parseInt(choiceBev);
//If Elses for Food
if(ichoiceFood == 1)
finChoiceFood = "Bagel";
dfoodChoiceCost = dcostBagel;
else if(ichoiceFood == 2)
finChoiceFood = "Donut";
dfoodChoiceCost = dcostDonut;
finChoiceFood = "Croissant";
dfoodChoiceCost = dcostCrois;
//If Elses for Beverages
if(ichoiceBev == 1)
finChoiceBev = "Latte";
dbevChoiceCost = dcostLatte;
else if(ichoiceBev == 2)
finChoiceBev = "Coffee";
dbevChoiceCost = dcostCoffee;
else if(ichoiceBev == 3)
finChoiceBev = "Milk";
dbevChoiceCost = dcostMilk;
finChoiceBev = "Tea";
dbevChoiceCost = dcostTea;
//Retreive num ordered
System.out.println("How many items would you like?(1 to 20");
inumOrdered = sc.nextInt();
dtotCost = dbevChoiceCost + dfoodChoiceCost;
dtotDue = dtotCost * inumOrdered;
//Final Output
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog("Breakfast ordered:n"+finChoiceFood+" @ "+formatter.format(dfoodChoiceCost)+"nnBeverage ordered:n"+finChoiceBev+" @ "+formatter.format(dbevChoiceCost)+"nnTotal cost: "+formatter.format(dtotCost)+"nNumber ordered: "+inumOrdered,"Your Bill");

Answer Source

Your code is not matching any method signatures of the showMethodDialogue(...) function(s). Take a look at the JOptionPane Javadoc:

static void showMessageDialog(Component parentComponent, Object message): Brings up an information-message dialog titled "Message".

static void showMessageDialog(Component parentComponent, Object message, String title, int messageType): Brings up a dialog that displays a message using a default icon determined by the messageType parameter.

static void showMessageDialog(Component parentComponent, Object message, String title, int messageType, Icon icon): Brings up a dialog displaying a message, specifying all parameters.

The parentComponent is defined as "determines the Frame in which the dialog is displayed; if null, or if the parentComponent has no Frame, a default Frame is used".

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