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Is it possible to use HM-10 or HM-11 BLE Module with Arduino to communicate with an iOS device (ANCS)?

I would like to build a smartwatch for my iPhone based on the arduino tools and libraries. But I have a problem with BLE: I know there is already a library for the nRF8001 for ancs (https://github.com/robotastic/ANCS-Library) , but I want to use the HM-11 module, mainly because it's smaller and cheaper.
So is it possible to connect an HM-11 module to an Arduino and receive iOS notifications and do something with it? (for example display it on a screen)

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

HMSoft version V524 added ANCS support (not include HMSensor version)

  1. How to open ANCS function

1.1 Please read apple notification document first.
1.2 Send AT+TYPE3 command change to AUTH and BOND mode.
1.3 Send AT+ANCS1 command to open ANCS.
1.4 Send AT+PASS[para1] command to set passcode. Default passcode is "000000"
1.5 Send AT+RESET to restart module.

Now you can use LightBlue or our software to scan and made a connect with module. iOS will ask you input passcode. please input your passcode value.
If all is okay, you should receive AT+ANCS[para1] command from module UART.

  1. About AT+ANCS[para1] command
    AT+ANCSN: module open Notification Source SUCCESSED.
    AT+ANCSC: module open Control Point SUCCESSED.
    AT+ANCSD: module open Data Source SUCCESSED.

  2. Get ANCS notification information. When iOS notification center has an change (such as call, email, short message). Module will output AT+ANCS8[para2] command through UART.

  3. About AT+ANCS8[para2] command.
    Format such as : AT+ANCS801012345
    8: The length of the para1.
    0: EventID
    EventIDNotificationAdded = 0,
    EventIDNotificationModified = 1,
    EventIDNotificationRemoved = 2,
    Reserved EventID values = 3 ~ 255
    CategoryIDOther = 0,
    CategoryIDIncomingCall = 1,
    CategoryIDMissedCall = 2,
    CategoryIDVoicemail = 3,
    CategoryIDSocial = 4,
    CategoryIDSchedule = 5,
    CategoryIDEmail = 6,
    CategoryIDNews = 7,
    CategoryIDHealthAndFitness = 8,
    CategoryIDBusinessAndFinance = 9,
    CategoryIDLocation = 10,
    CategoryIDEntertainment = 11,
    Reserved CategoryID values = 12 ~ 255

    01: CategoryCount
    The current number of active iOS notifications in the given category. For example, if two unread emails are sitting in a user's email inbox, and a new email is pushed to the user's iOS device, the value of CategoryCount is 3.
    2345: NotificationUID
    A 32-bit numerical value that is the unique identifier (UID) for the iOS notification. This value can be used as a handle in commands sent to the Control Point characteristic to retrieve more information about the iOS notification.

  4. Get Notification Attributes
    Format such as: AT+ANCS2345100

    para1: NotificationUID
    para2: NotificationAttributeID
    NotificationAttributeIDAppIdentifier = 0,
    NotificationAttributeIDTitle = 1, (Needs to be followed by a 2-bytes max length parameter)
    NotificationAttributeIDSubtitle = 2, (Needs to be followed by a 2-bytes max length parameter)
    NotificationAttributeIDMessage = 3, (Needs to be followed by a 2-bytes max length parameter)
    NotificationAttributeIDMessageSize = 4,
    NotificationAttributeIDDate = 5,
    NotificationAttributeID = 6 ~ 255 para3 : max length parameter (reserved)
    If para2 value is 0, 4, 5, para3 must set to "00"
    if para2 value is 1, 2, 3, you need setup a number.

  5. About Get Notification Attributes Response
    AT+ANCSW: Send request SUCCESSED.
    para1 value is 0x00 ~ 0x14.
    Mean the next package length you need to receive.
    [........]: The byte array you need to receive.
    Show in apple Notification document Figure 2-6. (page 9)
    After you receive AT+ANCSW, you may receive AT+ANCS[para1] many times. until the Figure 2-6 package is completed.

  6. How to remove ANCS.
    7.1 Remove bond information from iOS. 7.2 Execute AT+ERASE remove module bond information.
    7.3 Execute AT+ANCS0 close module ANCS function.
    7.4 Execute AT+RESET to restart module.

    ANCS is easy to use, you don't need write any iOS code. iOS will manage the bluetooth link and push the message to module.

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