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iOS Question

Is it possible to use HM-10 or HM-11 BLE Module with Arduino to communicate with an iOS device (ANCS)?

I would like to build a smartwatch for my iPhone based on the arduino tools and libraries. But I have a problem with BLE: I know there is already a library for the nRF8001 for ancs (https://github.com/robotastic/ANCS-Library) , but I want to use the HM-11 module, mainly because it's smaller and cheaper.
So is it possible to connect an HM-11 module to an Arduino and receive iOS notifications and do something with it? (for example display it on a screen)

Thanks in advance.


HMSoft version V524 added ANCS support (not include HMSensor version)

  1. How to open ANCS function

1.1 Please read apple notification document first.
1.2 Send AT+TYPE3 command change to AUTH and BOND mode.
1.3 Send AT+ANCS1 command to open ANCS.
1.4 Send AT+PASS[para1] command to set passcode. Default passcode is "000000"
1.5 Send AT+RESET to restart module.

Now you can use LightBlue or our software to scan and made a connect with module. iOS will ask you input passcode. please input your passcode value.
If all is okay, you should receive AT+ANCS[para1] command from module UART.

  1. About AT+ANCS[para1] command
    AT+ANCSN: module open Notification Source SUCCESSED.
    AT+ANCSC: module open Control Point SUCCESSED.
    AT+ANCSD: module open Data Source SUCCESSED.

  2. Get ANCS notification information. When iOS notification center has an change (such as call, email, short message). Module will output AT+ANCS8[para2] command through UART.

  3. About AT+ANCS8[para2] command.
    Format such as : AT+ANCS801012345
    8: The length of the para1.
    0: EventID
    EventIDNotificationAdded = 0,
    EventIDNotificationModified = 1,
    EventIDNotificationRemoved = 2,
    Reserved EventID values = 3 ~ 255
    CategoryIDOther = 0,
    CategoryIDIncomingCall = 1,
    CategoryIDMissedCall = 2,
    CategoryIDVoicemail = 3,
    CategoryIDSocial = 4,
    CategoryIDSchedule = 5,
    CategoryIDEmail = 6,
    CategoryIDNews = 7,
    CategoryIDHealthAndFitness = 8,
    CategoryIDBusinessAndFinance = 9,
    CategoryIDLocation = 10,
    CategoryIDEntertainment = 11,
    Reserved CategoryID values = 12 ~ 255

    01: CategoryCount
    The current number of active iOS notifications in the given category. For example, if two unread emails are sitting in a user's email inbox, and a new email is pushed to the user's iOS device, the value of CategoryCount is 3.
    2345: NotificationUID
    A 32-bit numerical value that is the unique identifier (UID) for the iOS notification. This value can be used as a handle in commands sent to the Control Point characteristic to retrieve more information about the iOS notification.

  4. Get Notification Attributes
    Format such as: AT+ANCS2345100

    para1: NotificationUID
    para2: NotificationAttributeID
    NotificationAttributeIDAppIdentifier = 0,
    NotificationAttributeIDTitle = 1, (Needs to be followed by a 2-bytes max length parameter)
    NotificationAttributeIDSubtitle = 2, (Needs to be followed by a 2-bytes max length parameter)
    NotificationAttributeIDMessage = 3, (Needs to be followed by a 2-bytes max length parameter)
    NotificationAttributeIDMessageSize = 4,
    NotificationAttributeIDDate = 5,
    NotificationAttributeID = 6 ~ 255 para3 : max length parameter (reserved)
    If para2 value is 0, 4, 5, para3 must set to "00"
    if para2 value is 1, 2, 3, you need setup a number.

  5. About Get Notification Attributes Response
    AT+ANCSW: Send request SUCCESSED.
    para1 value is 0x00 ~ 0x14.
    Mean the next package length you need to receive.
    [........]: The byte array you need to receive.
    Show in apple Notification document Figure 2-6. (page 9)
    After you receive AT+ANCSW, you may receive AT+ANCS[para1] many times. until the Figure 2-6 package is completed.

  6. How to remove ANCS.
    7.1 Remove bond information from iOS. 7.2 Execute AT+ERASE remove module bond information.
    7.3 Execute AT+ANCS0 close module ANCS function.
    7.4 Execute AT+RESET to restart module.

    ANCS is easy to use, you don't need write any iOS code. iOS will manage the bluetooth link and push the message to module.