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Looking for a way to auto-fetch or auto-synchronize all repositories used in workspace upon opening

I'm looking, out of convienience, for a way to be notified automaticaly upon opening eclipse workspace with some source controled projects about changes that were made if any.

The way I visualize it is:
1) I open Eclipse selecting workspace A
2) During boot-up work in eclipse for workspace A, it would find all repositories which have projects imported to this workspace A
3) The fetching/synchronizing work will be launched.
4) Upon finishing synching/fetching one of the Repo's, it will visualize the state of the project by the up/down arrows that are typical for displaying how far is the current branch from the remote.

Is there any option/3rd party plugin that can achieve what I described above, or something as close to that as possible?

Currently, I have to manualy either fetch all projects under source control when I open Eclipse (with some particular workspace) or use Team->Synchronize workspace option. But:
a) It is not convienient if I have to do it every day, and with every workspace I open.
b) The projects that are in some of the workspaces are not all under source control, so I can't just select all projects and hit Team->Synchronize. I have to select only projects that are under version control.

Answer Source

There is no Eclipse plugin that I know of which would:

  • extends EGit
  • provide the kind of global monitoring that you are after.

I have only seen it with Tower 2 (but it is a Mac client)

The Windows/Mac git client SourceTree does have automatic fetch.
In any case, that would involve a third-party client, which is not convenient, but can be tried as a workaround.

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