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R: easy way to skip the monotonous error messages with wrong version number with packages?

This is irridating and regular error message

> install.packages('manipulate')
Installing package(s) into ‘/home/h/R/i686-pc-linux-gnu-library/2.13’
(as ‘lib’ is unspecified)
--- Please select a CRAN mirror for use in this session ---
Loading Tcl/Tk interface ... done
Warning message:
In getDependencies(pkgs, dependencies, available, lib) :
package ‘manipulate’ is not available (for R version 2.13.1)

What kind of ways can you use to circumvent this? The RStudio website, for example, suggest a hxck

export RSTUDIO_WHICH_R=/usr/local/bin/R

but I feel there must be something easier or does one really need all R versions to pile up just for testing different packages?

Answer Source

Manipulate is part of RStudio. There's no need to install it using install.packages().

From within RStuidio, just type library(manipulate) to get started.

You can see some examples of how to use it at the a RStudio website. To my knowledge, it does not work outside of RStudio (eg running R in your terminal).

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