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iOS Question

How to use a Fetch request from xcdatamodeld?

I'm noob with Core Data and I can't find the help I need on the Apple developer website.

I defined a fetch request in my

file but now I can't find how to use it?
This is the definition of the fetch request :
enter image description here

I supose that the fetch request starts with :

let fetch = NSFetchRequest<NSFetchRequestResult>(entityName: "Category")

But I don't know how to use a fetch request by name.
(The project is written in Swift 3)

Answer Source

Bharath's answer is for how to create and execute a fetch request in code. This is commonly how you'll do it. However, it's not actually the answer to your question. If you actually create a fetch request named "allCategories" in the core data model like that, this is how you use it:

let fetchRequest = self.managedObjectModel.fetchRequestTemplate(forName: "allCategories")

let fetchedObjects = self.managedObjectContext.execute(fetchRequest!)
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