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Disable pm2 log creation in node js

I am using aws ubuntu instance for my application and using node js to sync data from third party apis.

I have 6 node js scripts that calls every minute to sync data by making http request for many users.

For process management I am using PM2 module of node js.This pm2 creates logs for each running file ,this files size increasing tremendously and instance space occupied by log files.

Is there any way to disable pm2 log creation?

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We can user pm2 application declaration for our purpose and we can use :

      Disabling logs

      You can pass /dev/null to error_file or out_file to disable logs saving.

We can also set max_memory_restart parameter in process.json apps to set autorestart process on certain memory occupied by memory.example below for process.json:

           "apps" : [{
           "script"      : "worker.js",
           "watch"       : true,
           "error_file": "/dev/null"
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