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Committing in git now requires gpg?

Just a couple days ago I was able to use git perfectly fine.

Today, I tried to git commit on my own public repo and got this message:

git error: cannot run /usr/local/bin/gpg:
No such file or directory error: could not run gpg.
fatal: failed to write commit object

I ended up installing gtg and ran through Github's instructions on getting gtg configured and such.

Now, the commit command works but I have to enter my gtg password for every commit I do.

I understand this is more secure and probably a better way to use git, but what happened to when I was able to simply commit without any gtg errors? I liked only having to deal with authentication when I would push, entering my credentials.

Is there a way to disable gtg so I don't get the
git error: cannot run /usr/local/bin/gpg
error when I commit?

Some additional details:

  • I'm not completely certain what I did to my computer that caused git to throw the initial gtg errors that weren't present before. I was learning to use Jekyll a couple days ago and that required me to install homebrew. Not sure if that had anything to do with it.

  • I'm running Mac OS X El Capitan

Answer Source

What is the output of git config --global --list | grep commit I suspect you have commit.gpgsign=true

You can disable it with

git config --global --add config.gpgsign false

or by removing the line manually from ~/.gitconfig.

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