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CSS Question

How to position two divs horizontally within another div

I haven't played with CSS for too long a time and am without references at the moment. My question should be fairly easy but googling isn't bringing up a sufficient answer. So, adding to the collective knowledge...

|bread > crumb | username logout |
|#sub-left | #sub-right|

That's what I'm wanting my layout to be. The heading anyways. I wanted sub-title to contain sub-left AND sub-right. What css rules do I use to ensure a div is bound by the attributes of another div. In this case, how do I ensure that sub-left and sub-right stay within sub-title?

Answer Source

Its quite a common misconception that you need a clear:both div at the bottom, when you really don't. While foxy's answer is correct, you don't need that non-semantic, useless clearing div. All you need to do is stick an overflow:hidden onto the container:

#sub-title { overflow:hidden; }
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