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Logging SQL queries in android

I am using the

functions in order to build the SQL queries for my tables. Is there a way to see the actual query that is run? For instance log it somewhere?

So far the best I could do was to have a look at the cursor's member mQuery using a breakpoint. I'd love to output the queries automatically though. This member is of course not public and does not have a getter.

Just for the record, here is an implementation of the accepted answer.

* Implement the cursor factory in order to log the queries before returning
* the cursor
* @author Vincent @ MarvinLabs
public class SQLiteCursorFactory implements CursorFactory {

private boolean debugQueries = false;

public SQLiteCursorFactory() {
this.debugQueries = false;

public SQLiteCursorFactory(boolean debugQueries) {
this.debugQueries = debugQueries;

public Cursor newCursor(SQLiteDatabase db, SQLiteCursorDriver masterQuery,
String editTable, SQLiteQuery query) {
if (debugQueries) {
Log.d("SQL", query.toString());
return new SQLiteCursor(db, masterQuery, editTable, query);

Answer Source

You can apply your own SQLiteDatabase.CursorFactory to the database. (See the openDatabase parameters.) This will allow you to create your own subclass of Cursor, which keeps the query in an easily accessible field.

edit: In fact, you may not even have to subclass Cursor. Just have your factory's newCursor() method return a standard SQLiteCursor, but log the query before doing so.

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