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Your PHP MySQL library version differs from your MySQL server version

I've recently upgraded MySQL on my Debian 5.0.4 server to 5.1. Now phpMyAdmin shows the following warning:

Your PHP MySQL library version 5.0.51a differs from your MySQL server version 5.1.43

Is it likely to cause any problems?

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The message indicates that :

  • You are using version 5.1.43 of MySQL server
  • But that the library that's used by PHP to communicate with that server has been compiled to communicate with a version 5.0.x of MySQL.

In theory, this should not cause any real problem : minor versions tend to be compatible ; but you might need to update the library that's used by PHP ; maybe some package like "libmysql", or something like that (I don't have a Debian machine)

If you want to make that warning disappear (even if I'm not sure it could really cause any big problem), you'll have to update the PHP component that is used to communicate with MySQL.
Note : With the dependancies, it might not be that easy, actually, to upgrade just one package...

I would say that you'd have to update something like php5-mysql ; which means :

apt-get install php5-mysql

(According to this page -- amongst others -- to update a single package, your must use install)

If you are using aptitude, and not apt-get... Not sure about the right option that you should use to update only one package ; still, aptitude safe-upgrade should present you with a list of packages it will upgrade, which will allow you to decide whether or not you wish to continue...

But you said in a comment to another answer that Debian ships by default with MySQL 5.0 -- which means the "official" module for PHP is probably compiled against libmysql 5.0, and not libmysql 5.1.

To solve that problem, you'll have to either :

  • Find a repository that provides PHP (or, at least, the mysql extension) compiled against libmysql 5.1
  • Or re-compile PHP and/or the mysql extension against the version of libmysql that's currently used on your system -- i.e. libmysql 5.1
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