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Is it possible to access each pixel value using ImageJ

I'm starting a project for college that uses ImageJ and Micro Manager. I want to be able to access each pixel of the image taken from a snapshot of the camera feed. My goal is to be able to apply a custom built function to each pixel on the snapshot of the image. Is it possible to do this using ImageJ.

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Yes you can, but at which level do you want to work: ImageJ macros or dive into the java code?

If you stay at the macros level, I don't think that you can access the pixel values.

However, if you want to do a little bit of programming, ImageJ uses the ImageProcessor class, which is extended according to the encoding type: ByteProcessor, ShortProcessor, BinaryProcessor, ColorProcessor. Then, you can access the pixel values using the methods getPixels(), getPixel(x,y), getPixelValue(x,y). But be careful to the encoding type, these methods are encoding specific.

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