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Signing certificate error when update apk from XE7 to XE8

My Android apk was developed by XE7. Now I upgrade the project with XE8.
The IDE report a signing certificate error when install the apk to Android device:

Unable to create process: Unable to install
D:\GMTWork\SalesApp\Android\Release\SalesApp\bin\SalesApp.apk. Failure

Embarcadero's solutions are:

  1. Manually uninstall the previously-installed application from your Android device.

  2. Configure RAD Studio to perform a clean install every time that you run your application.

I think that these are not good solutions. Because my apk has been installed in many phones, I can't require the user to manually uninstall or do a clean installation.

who have a better solution? or can my apk use a same signing certificate?

Zam Zam
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