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Java Ternary operator compiler error -syntax error on token "*=" ,* expected

Why does the Ternary operator (last line) give a compiler error?

public static void main(String[] args){
int x =0;





x=x/y<3?x+=y:x*=y; //compiler error

Answer Source

Reading the following article and its examples:

I suspect the issues lies in the fact that the operator expects only a single thing to follow the colon. So it sees an "x", and then sees a *= and has no idea what to do with it. The previous examples worked as what's inside the parenthesis is evaluated first (into a single variable) and thus fits the syntax that a ternary expects.

To be more specific, a ternary operator is an if-else statement baked into one, used often to save on space when the conditions are simple assignments of values.

if(x/y < 3) { 
x +=y;
} else
x *= y; 

Is how the ternary will break down. Looking at the JLS the following definition for the "? :" operator.

    ConditionalOrExpression ? Expression : ConditionalExpression

As such, in his code, the x+=y is valid as it is an expression, however, the latter part cannot be an expression and that is the source of the error. More specifically, the =y breaks it. The reason it worked with (x=y) is that due to ORDER OF PRECEDENCE (for the commentator below) given to the () which convert it into a valid format.

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