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Android Question

Integrate Fabric Anroid app With iOS App in Digit

When Integrating two apps it's essential to add Digit Key and secret key. In swift there is a function to do this like :-

// Swift
Digits.sharedInstance().startWithConsumerKey("your_key", consumerSecret: "your_secret")

So I searched in the documentation to find the equivalent code for the android. But didn't find the code yet. So how can I ad iOS app Digits secret key and consumer key in my android app ?

Answer Source

I asked this from the Fabric team.Problem is that they didn't clearly mention that we can use digit key and secret in TwitterAuthConfig. and they told me :-

you should use your Twitter or Digits consumer key and secret in TwitterAuthConfig("consumerKey", "consumerSecret") I'll let the team know that this was confusing.

So you can simply add your Digit consumer key and consumer secret in here :-

TwitterAuthConfig authConfig =  new TwitterAuthConfig("consumerKey", "consumerSecret");
Fabric.with(this, new TwitterCore(authConfig), new Digits());
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