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Git add all subdirectories

I'm having trouble adding a folder and all of it's subdirectories to my git repository. I realized this is a very popular question after doing some googling and I've tried each suggestion with no luck, specifically the suggestion from the man page on git-add. I even tried

git add -A
with no success. For simplicity sake, say I initialized my git repository as
. Then I have the following directory structure of files.


My real files have subdirectories that span 5-6 levels deep, so is there a git command to add all the files in each subdirectory to my repository? Right now, when I do the suggestion from the man page
git add Dir1/\*
I can see
in my repo, but it shows up as a green folder and I can't open it, which leads me to believe that all the files/folders in
did not get added. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm a new git user (less than a week of using it), so try and keep your instructions at a beginner's level.

Answer Source


git add .

while in the root of the repository. It will add everything. If you do git add * it will only add the files * points to. The single dot refers to the directory.

If your directory or file wasn't added to git index/repo after above command, remember to check if it's markded as ignored by git in .gitignore file.

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