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PHP Question

Wordpress include php file

I am trying to create a php website on

for the first time.

When I create a page, it creates a permalink which is of the form
. I don't know if there is a corresponding file.

enter image description here

I've installed
plugin to read php code. It works fine on a static page. But how do I include another php file? I want to include
which contains all the back-end functions, in
. It has a permalink

What to do?

include 'http://localhost/?page_id=45'
doesn't work.

Answer Source

Pages you define in WordPress's backend are pages mostly setup for your users to view / read. They, by default, have this URL structure of http://localhost/?p=123 (though this can be changed, but that's a whole different lesson).

To include a script file, upload the file to your folder structure where you have your website then refer to it in your include statement as follows:


EDIT: You may also want to have a look into WordPress Page Templates:

Pages are one of WordPress's built-in Post Types. You'll probably want most of your website Pages to look about the same. Sometimes, though, you may need a specific Page, or a group of Pages, to display or behave differently. This is easily accomplished with Page Templates.

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