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Python Question

Add new column in Pandas DataFrame Python

I have dataframe in Pandas for example:

Col1 Col2
A 1
B 2
C 3

Now if I would like to add one more column named Col3 and the value is based on Col2. In formula, if Col2 > 1, then Col3 is 0, otherwise would be 1. So, in the example above. The output would be:

Col1 Col2 Col3
A 1 1
B 2 0
C 3 0

Any idea on how to achieve this?

Answer Source

You just do an opposite comparison. if Col2 <= 1. This will return a boolean Series with False values for those greater than 1 and True values for the other. If you convert it to an int64 dtype, True becomes 1 and False become 0,

df['Col3'] = (df['Col2'] <= 1).astype(int)

If you want a more general solution, where you can assign any number to the Col3 depending on the value of the Col2 you should do something like:

df['Col3'] = df['Col2'].map(lambda x: 42 if x > 1 else 55)


df['Col3'] = 0
condition = df['Col2'] > 1
df.loc[condition, 'Col3'] = 42
df.loc[~condition, 'Col3'] = 55
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