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Laravel - Group By error on query that works on phpmyadmin with results

The query is:

$last_topics = Topics::orderby('date', 'DESC')->groupBy('section')->get();

And error:

enter image description here

so on error we can see query is:
select * from
group by
order by

But as you can see The same query in phpMyAdmin works great, and I have my result
enter image description here

So what's wrong?

I addition I can say that without groupBy in this query inside Laravel doesn't alert error, like:
$last_topics = Topics::orderby('date', 'DESC')->get();

But as I said in phpmyadmin the same query with groupby works great

Answer Source

OK this the mode in which your database is being used within your database config /config/database.php. Laravel is not adding all the columns to group by.

'connections' => [
        'mysql' => [
            // Will work for you
            'strict' => false,

            // wont work for you
            'strict' => true,
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