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Can't send element id data using ajax

I'm trying to send id data through ajax, but I always get undefined variable error.
ajax works fine with forms data, but when I try to get the id value this problem occurs.

PHP/ html code

<ul class="sub-menu">
$get_cats = retrieve_cat();
while($cat_rows = mysqli_fetch_array($get_cats)){

$id = $cat_rows['category_id'];
$title = $cat_rows['category_name'];
echo "<li><a herf='post_category.php' class='abc' data-id='$id' id='$id' data-target='post_category'> $title </a></li>";

JQuery :

$(".abc").click(function () {
var id = $(this).attr("id");

function edit_data(id)

And the post_category.php page just to echo the value to test it :

echo $_POST['id'];

The problem I get this error as I said :

Notice: Undefined index: id in C:\xampp\htdocs\unv\post_category.php on line 6

But in success function I get the correct value. I don't know where's the problem!.

This's a picture for more explanation


Answer Source

Because you're including post_category.php in your page so it'll try to echo the id when it's not there because id will be available just after the click so you have to add a span instead of including the post_category.php page :

<span id="my-id-here"></span>

Then append id to it on success callback :


Hope this helps.

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