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Java Question

How to get class name of any java file

Does java offer a simple way to do this?

I know how to get this using


But how would I be able to do this for any object I may be passing in through some method? Say

public String getClass(File file){
// Get file class

Where file is some java file with a .java extension. I know it works if I directly hard code the name of the java class into
, but my approach at this includes java files not found in the current directory or package. Anyone guide me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

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Well .java files need to have the same name as the class or enum within, so we could just use the file name:

public String getClass(File file){
  return removeExtension(file.getName());

removeExtension has many different ways of achieving, here is just one:

public static String removeExtension(String file){
  return file.replaceFirst("[.][^.]+$", "");

More here: How to get file name without the extension?

...the reason behind me wanting to do is is so that I can count the methods within the class.

OK, well this is not the way to do it, you should look into reflection: What is reflection, and why is it useful?