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C Question

How to check if arguments is passed to a function in C?

I don't know how to fill up the sentence "if initial_value is passed".
Do I have to use the variable argument? It isn't very readable to me, so I'm finding out other methods.

Help me please..

int *func (int initial_value) {
int *number;

number = malloc(sizeof(int));
if ("if initial_value is passed") *number = initial_value;
else scanf("%d", &number);

return number;

Answer Source

In C (and C++) calling a funciton without its parameters will result in a compile time error. So the function cannot be called without the parameter.

I think what you are looking for are default arguments, which is a C++ feature. It is not available in normal C.

A way to implement something similar in C is possible through pointers:

int * func (int * initial_value) {
    int x;
    if( initial_value == NULL ) {
        x = 5;
    } else {
        x = *initial_value;
    //...more code and return

//when you call it use:
func( NULL ); // x = 5
int arg = 7;
func( &arg ); // x = 7

Side note:

scanf("%d", &number); -> scanf("%d", number); //because number already is a pointer
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