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How to add custom server side filter to datatables

I've got an AJAX based datatable to which I would like to apply additional filtering. So far I've only found client side or outdated examples. I fail to understand how the search is actually performed and how I can add filters to function.

A simple example, I'm trying to add a vendor filter to my SKU datatable. I have populated a selectbox with the vendor names. If a vendor is selected I would only like to show that vendors SKUs. Additionally the user should be able to use the search to look through this vendors results. How can I filter my results?

Here is my coffeescript (UPDATE):

$ ->
processing: true
serverSide: true
retrieve: true
pagingType: 'full_numbers'
ajax: data: (d) ->
d.sku = $('#vendor-skus-table').data('source')
d.extra_search = $('#vendor-select').val();

Some additional javascript for my filter field:

$('#vendor-select.vendor-select').on('change', function() {

My datatable file:

class VendorSkuDatatable < AjaxDatatablesRails::Base
def_delegators :@view, :params, :link_to, :vendor_skus_path, :vendor_path

def sortable_columns
@sortable_columns ||= ['', '', 'VendorSku.inventory_quantity' ]

def searchable_columns
@searchable_columns ||= ['', '']


def data do |record|
link_to(, record),
link_to(, record.vendor),

def get_raw_records
VendorSku.joins(:vendor).where(vendor_id: params[:extra_search])

Answer Source

Sorry, my code will be JavaScript, I don't know CoffeScript.

In order to add parameters to your ajax request you have to specify an option when creating your datatable:

    // ... your paramteres
    ajax: {
      data: function(d) {
        d.sku = $('#vendor-skus-table').data('source'); // or maybe $('#vendor-skus-table').data('source').join(',')

You'll get sku parameter of ajax request on the back-end.

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