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AngularJS Question

Angularjs Chrome autocomplete dilemma

I have a simple login form which works just peachy unless you use Chrome's auto complete feature.

If you start typing and use the auto complete feature and it auto populates your password, my angularjs model does not have any value for the password.

I tried to turn autocomplete off by setting the attribute on the form

but that doesn't seem to have any effect.

How can I either:
1. Ensure that I can get the value if someone uses Chrome's auto-complete feature?
2. Disable Chrome's auto-complete feature?

<form class="form-signin" name="form" ng-submit="login()" autocomplete="off">


<input type="email" name="email" class="form-control" placeholder="Email address" ng-model="" required autofocus>
<input type="password" name="password" class="form-control" placeholder="Password" ng-model="user.password" required>

<button class="btn btn-lg btn-primary btn-block" type="submit">Sign in</button>


Answer Source

From the link added in the comment:

// Due to browsers issue, it's impossible to detect without a timeout any changes of autofilled inputs
// Could break future Angular releases (if use `compile()` instead of `link())
// TODO support select
angular.module("app").config(["$provide", function($provide) {
    var inputDecoration = ["$delegate", "inputsWatcher", function($delegate, inputsWatcher) {
        var directive = $delegate[0];
        var link =;

        function linkDecoration(scope, element, attrs, ngModel){
            var handler;
            // By default model.$viewValue is equals to undefined
            if(attrs.type == "checkbox"){
                inputsWatcher.registerInput(handler = function(){
                    var value = element[0].checked;
                    // By default element is not checked
                    if (value && ngModel.$viewValue !== value) {
            }else if(attrs.type == "radio"){
                inputsWatcher.registerInput(handler = function(){
                    var value = attrs.value;
                    // By default element is not checked
                    if (element[0].checked && ngModel.$viewValue !== value) {
                inputsWatcher.registerInput(handler = function(){
                    var value = element.val();
                    // By default value is an empty string
                    if ((ngModel.$viewValue !== undefined || value !== "") && ngModel.$viewValue !== value) {

            scope.$on("$destroy", function(){

            // Exec original `link()`
            link.apply(this, [], 0));

        // Decorate `link()` don't work for `inputDirective` (why?)
        /* = linkDecoration;
        // So use `compile()` instead
        directive.compile = function compile(element, attrs, transclude){
            return linkDecoration;

        return $delegate;

    $provide.decorator("inputDirective", inputDecoration);
    $provide.decorator("textareaDirective", inputDecoration);
    //TODO decorate selectDirective (see binding "change" for `Single()` and `Multiple()`)
}]).factory("inputsWatcher", ["$interval", "$rootScope", function($interval, $rootScope){
    var INTERVAL_MS = 500;
    var promise;
    var handlers = [];

    function execHandlers(){
        for(var i = 0, l = handlers.length; i < l; i++){

    return {
        registerInput: function registerInput(handler){
            if(handlers.push(handler) == 1){
                promise = $interval(execHandlers, INTERVAL_MS);
        unregisterInput: function unregisterInput(handler){
            handlers.splice(handlers.indexOf(handler), 1);
            if(handlers.length == 0){
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