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Facebook key hash does not match any stored key hashes

I'm really having troubles with the Facebook hash key.
I generated it in my Eclipse.. proof:

Then I went to and registered a new app.

And finally I've set my hashkey at the settings of Facebook developers:

But no whatter I do I keep getting the same error log:
"Key hash B5dWUEYfZJL/...........jyA= does not match any stored key hashes"

Does anybody know what I did wrong or how I can fix this problem?
If I used the id and name from the HelloFacebookSample inside my own app everything works.
So it HAS to do with the key hash, id or name I've set somewhere most likely..

Thank you,

Answer Source

After hours of trying I've finally found a solution.

  1. Delete any app on the website of Facebook (
  2. Delete the file debug.keystore under C:\Users\yourUserName\.android
  3. Generate a new key (by running your app again)
  4. Create a new app on and add the new hash key
  5. Re-run your app
  6. Succes!
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