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android studio, hide package name in project explorer

It just happened right after upgrading to v2.2, where androids studio is showing the full package name of the project for each package I create!

here is how it looks

Anyone has any idea how to hide the full package name and just showing the package name the I am creating?

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This is because you have the Flatten Packages option active. To return to the default behavior you must turn this option off by going to your Project view at the left side (usually) and then on the click Show Option Menu Icon (a little cog on the top of this sidebar)

Image guide:

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There is currently a bug issued here about the same problem fairly recent

They suggest that the bug has to do with enabling dataBindings in your project and they already looking for a fix to this as we speak.

On the other hand if you do not have dataBindings enabled please try the following: Close AStudio, remove the .idea folder from your project, and then import your project again.