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How to create JavaDoc using Android Studio without R and BuildConfig?

I want to generate the JavaDoc for my library excluding R and BuildConfig. The

Generate JavaDoc...
functionality from the
menu does not have the option to exclude files.

How to create JavaDoc using Android Studio without R and and BuildConfig?

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RocketSpock's answer is almost there, but not quite (as of this writing). I can't comment yet, so I'll describe the process I used to exclude R.java and BuildConfig.java from my Android library's Javadoc in Android Studio 1.2.2. There's basically an extra dialog that will come in very handy:

  1. Open menu option Tools --> Javadoc.

  2. Select Custom scope. It's not necessary to select anything from the drop-down menu yet.

  3. Click the ... icon to open the Scopes dialog.
  4. Add a new custom scope with the green + icon. Give it a descriptive name if you wish.
  5. In Production Classes (not Library Classes, since those are imports) navigate to the module(s) you wish to generate Javadoc for, and select any individual Java files you wish to include. In your case, you probably want to select an entire module but manually exclude R.java and BuildConfig.java. When you're done, Click OK to exit the Scopes dialog.
  6. In the Specify Generate JavaDoc scope dialog, if your new scope is not selected in the Custom scope dropdown menu, select it now, as well as any other additional options including output directory.
  7. Finally, click OK to generate your Javadoc.
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